Motion Graphics: The Buzzword in Content Making

As there are a lot of participants in content marketing, target market gets less time to observe an offering. In this scenario, the best way to reach people’s minds is to attract them to your product, service or business within the shortest time possible. Motion graphics is a combination of animation, videography, sound, voice and text which presents any complex or lengthy topic in an exciting, comfortable and brief way. Thus, motion graphics services have become a popular mode of content making.

Motion graphics works are effective for website homepages, social media advertising, blog, product promotion, rebranding and launching. As motion graphics work require advanced skills as well as motion graphics studio, most companies outsource them from motion graphics agencies. Good news is, I-venture, your one-stop digital marketing solution, has a passionate team of a motion graphics designer, so you do not need to invest your time and money in vain.

Motion graphics can be cartoon based, abstract design-based, text-rich, whiteboard based and of many more variants. Our goal is to bring your story in front of the viewers and make them relate to the content more than ever. We have custom motion graphics to fit your desires the way you want. The pricing would vary based on the complexity of the graphics work, length and elements.

Customers are more likely to purchase and engage after watching a motion graphics video. If you do not want to stay behind in content making and bring about a revolution through your compelling story, contact us now to get the motion graphics creation of your dreams.

Our Motion Graphics Services

Motion Graphics work has a wide variety to choose from. I-venture offers all the best standard works out there in the market. Our motion graphics services include:

  • Motion graphic strategies and consulting
  • Audience research and data analysis
  • 2D animation creation
  • 3D animation creation
  • Abstract motion graphics work
  • Integrating animation and videography
  • Quality voiceover in English
  • Initial motion graphics prototype
  • Video optimization

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