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Call Center Services: Confident Voice of Your Company 24/7

As businesses grow and expand, customer queries, complaints and demands become overwhelming to handle. But for the success of any business, prioritizing customers and clients is the key. So, missing one incoming call of inquiry or ignoring one complaint can be lethal for the company. Fortunately, outsourcing office operations has become an effective and profitable solution, so call center outsourcing has become popular and handy.

Call center service providers become the voice and communication mode of your company by handling all your incoming queries, demand, help, support, and verification calls, as well as sales pitch calls, reservation confirmation calls on behalf of your company. A proficient call center is skilled in unique and convincing sales techniques, clear and confident communication, and perfect time management.

I-venture provides in-site or remote call center services to telecom, automotive, real estate, education, medical and healthcare, media & entertainment, travel, and logistics. Many other industries deal with customers and clients regularly. If your management team is having difficulty coping with incoming customer calls and outreach calls, call center service is the most budget-friendly and practical solution you can think of.

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Reasons to Avail Call Center Services

Call centers are not the same today as they were back in the 90s. Call center services are much more than calling and receiving calls from customers like robots. With the advancement of technology, an increase in competition, and creativity inclusion, call center services have reached a new level. Chatbot, email replies, 24/7 messenger services, front desk representative, and everything related to customer communication is covered here.

At a glance, call center services can be the synonym of customer satisfaction and high business revenue:

  • Inbound calls and messages overflow handled proficiently
  • Scalable services and measurable ROI analysis
  • Reduction of operational costs to a great extent
  • Increase in brand awareness and customer satisfaction
  • Professional services without the hassle of recruitment and monitoring
  • Implementation of valuable insights from call center executives
  • The right balance between technology and workforces

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Enhance Your Business Revenue Through our Call Center Services

Inbound Service

Inbound call service handles all the enormous waves of customer inquiry calls, help calls, complaints, delivery updates, and all other incoming calls. Inbound call management is the most classic service of call centers yet the most crucial and essential one.

Appointment Setting

Appointment with B2B clients or event B2C customers for service and product is a regular occurrence in every business. You can confirm convincing customers confidently through professional appointment setting services.

Outbound Service

Aside from handling incoming calls, outbound calls to potential customers and clients are necessary to ensure optimum business growth and revenue margin. Not to mention the need to conduct surveys, verifications, updates, and confirmations to improve services and products continually.

Virtual Assistant

There are some tedious tasks in every business that becomes the headache of the management. Virtual assistant service brings relief while offering efficient remote assistance over the phone or computer on documentation, database management, and financial tasks, all according to your instructions.

Live Chat Support

Customers prefer instant chatting before purchase or in need of any support. As the number of online customers and communications increases, live chat supports are a must-have for any business to avoid making customers unhappy. Additionally it creates a sustainable relationship with every customer.

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