Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Automate your business with powerful intelligent & integrated ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning, in simple terms, is a software or system that integrates different functions of an organization into one data oriented platform. Businesses always try to do resource management to produce more for less. Monitoring and managing all departments from Human Resources to Finances to Manufacturing and connecting their outputs can save many human hours and energy. Enterprise Resource planning does precisely that.

Although ERP sounds like it is only relevant for big corps, it is very profitable for any industry size. The best thing is, you can get an industry and business size-specific ERP system. ERP software system gives you multiplied productivity, data security, detailed analysis of unmeasurable investments as well. ERP monitors automation synchronization, reports accordingly, and monitors all the data and applications run by the organization.

If you are having a hard time combining all your software for a different department, coming up with cost and growth data, or handling a customer section, ERP is the service you immediately need for overall integration and resource management.

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Types of ERP Deliveries

ERP is very industry and task specific. ERP system covers Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Service Management, Production and Manufacturing Management, Database Management and so on. Task specific software installation and usage guide can ensure easy job management. We provide ERP system in three types of deliveries:

Cloud ERP

Entirely online and monitored from provider’s server.
Entirely online and monitored from provider’s server.
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On-premise ERP

Single server created across the organizational departments.
Single server created across the organizational departments.
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Hybrid ERP

Combination of cloud and manual ERP delivery.
Combination of cloud and manual ERP delivery.
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ERP in Different Businesses

Resource management is necessary from machinery production to educational institution. Thus, ERP is a customized system that can cover various industries like Automobile, Sales, Manufacturing, Retails, Construction, Higher Education, Meal management for Cafeteria, Healthcare, Aerospace, Apparel, Agrobusiness and many more new and old industries. Services and needs of ERP vary from business to business:
Helps you upgrade from spreadsheet to a more modern integration that enables you to save from the beginning and ensure sustainable growth.
Essential to compete the market with built-in analytics and best practices of HR, Finance, Customer management while reducing cost and time.
Necessity for overall integration, uncalculated cost reduction, cross-functional departments, big data management and much more to stay on the top of the industry.
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Our Services in ERP Solutions

We, I-venture Limited, provide you with the most updated ERP software installation and 360° solutions on demand. Our ERP services for different industries of various sizes include:

  • Real-time information produced through reports improving business insights.
  • High-end user experience for easy monitoring and management.
  • Data security and reduced risk through financial controls and data integration.
  • Streamlined business process ensuring the lowest production cost possible.
  • Constantly updating software that controls different departments through one system.
  • Visible ROI increase and measurable growth from unnoticed areas.

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