Outsource Inbound Calls for Better Lead Conversion

Customers are the biggest asset of any business; be it B2B or B2C. Inbound calls are directed to companies from their customers via phone calls, SMS, chatbot, or social media. Customer retention and lead conversion largely depend on dealing inbound inquiries perfectly. Inbound call services might not be needed for a business all the time because they occur in certain hours or season. That is why outsourcing inbound call services ensure proper care for your customers as well as cost-effectiveness.

Attending customers in the right way is crucial to your brand image and successful marketing to sales. It would be best to have an agent that works as your extended team with deep knowledge of your procedures and technical solutions. You can stop your search right here because I-venture has a dedicated inbound calling service with experienced callers who focus on real-time persuading conversations that will never let your customer leave you. In this age of social media, promptness is essential to leave a mark in customers’ minds, and we guarantee you that.

Our AI/ML Development Solutions

Accelerate your business with the most modern AI and ML technology

Implementation of AI/ML is not a future anymore; it is already present in this fast-paced world. Automation, big data analysis, smart app, chatbots, inventory calculation, and meal assortment everything in modern service and production is digitalized through AI/ML development. AI and ML are all about accurate measurement and data so you can precisely calculate what you are getting from this development.

Are you wondering how AI/ML would be applicable in your business? You will be astonished to know that AI/ML development is going to become a necessity within a few years in sectors like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Finance, Healthcare, Real-estate, Gaming, Construction Supply-chain, AdTech, Media and Contents, Education, Oil and Gas Industries, Automobile, Food Chain and much more.

The goal of AI/ML technology is to make work easier, error-free and produce more in less time and resource. We want to be beside you in your journey in becoming a digital-frontier business through your transformation. Our AI/ML development services include:

  • Fully operating chatbot installation
  • Data Cleaning
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Automation through end-to-end development solutions
  • Error-free maintenance and evaluation

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