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Why Website Maintenance is important

Every organization or business develops its website to generate profitable outcomes either in monetary terms or in creating brand awareness. But the truth is, digital platforms are rapidly changing trends and algorithms. To stay updated among millions of websites, a website needs routine maintenance to fix bugs, broken links, lagging website and contents that are not updated.

Customers are more and more digitally aware these days. While a compelling and seamless website experience can get you a hike of leads, a website with problems can drive away many visitors and eventually push your website down the search engine ranking. To keep your organization’s website healthy and functioning, it needs routine website maintenance.

No matter how attractive and well developed a website is, many of its features become obsolete after a specific time. Website maintenance ensures updated and fresh content and information about your business or product; look for broken links, bugs or holes in security. It keeps the website on par with the latest search engine analytics. Through website maintenance, your website will always ensure high profitability and lead. So do not delay the essential web maintenance for your current or to-be-built website!

Our Website Maintenance Services

I-venture provides you routine and affordable website maintenance services with utmost care. Our maintenance team keeps your website updated, fresh and free from vulnerabilities. Our unique website management service and solutions for our customers include:

  • Bugs, viruses and broken links fixing
  • Enable latest software updates and maintain updated codes
  • Check SEO, site traffic, conversions and overall analyses
  • Edit or change current visuals and media
  • Thoroughly check service and action pages
  • Upgrade in-site tools and functions
  • Check and fix webpage loading time
  • Improve UI/UX according to customer feedback
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