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About Web Application Development

Like in-person reach outs and sales, interaction is a crucial point of digital marketing. The target market is more likely to be attracted to interactive pages and websites. A web application can be the best way to make your customers or clients trust your functionality without any direct approach. A web application is a dynamic website operating like an installed application but is stored in remote servers accessed through the user’s internet browser.

What web applications do is interact with users, access databases, process and produce results, and combine tools and multimedia. The difference of a regular website and a web application is that a web application can enable online banking and transaction, interactive games, timed online quiz, online polls, correcting and checking tools, e-commerce or shopping carts, online training and management systems; all the attractive web features.

These features mentioned above are the demand of this generation in any services or product business from education, food and beverage, banking to agriculture, government services, and what not! The ever-rising competition online makes you want an interactive application stronger. A web application takes less time and costs in development than a native app that needs to be installed on users’ devices.

Our Web Application Services

I-venture commits to provide you with end to end web application development services. Our web developers dedicate their skills to each project as per the client’s requirement. Here are some services we provide for web application development:

  • Customized web application development
  • Web application management
  • E-commerce web application development and management
  • Cross-platform development
  • Enterprise information portal and social network development and management
  • Graphic user interface design (GUI)
  • Complex web solution development
  • Cloud-based application development
  • SaaS application development
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Technology we use

The web application requires full-stack web development covering front-end and back-end development using mostly PHP, Java, HTML, and JavaScript languages. If you are afraid of investing in technical features, have a talk with us, and you will be assured of our clear communication and direct, measurable outputs on your web application.

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