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Rebrand Your Website & Boost Online Presence

Marketplace keeps change every now and then; with the help of technology, the difference comes even faster. Sometimes, due to competition, change in the target market or popularity of rivals/ new entrants, a brand needs to reposition itself in the mind of customers and the market place out there. Nowadays, this rebranding is majorly dependent on the brand’s online presence. Even if you have top-notch products, but you might lack brand awareness. In this case, website rebranding from scratch can be game-changing for your organization.

The rebranding process needs to be thoroughly planned because, without a proper rebranding, it will not bring massive awareness. However, most of the successful brands have a history of frequent and well-planned rebranding. Rebranding does not only mean a ‘new logo’ in fact; it means an overall upgrade and integration of the brand’s online and offline presence.

The first thing you should consider in your rebranding process is your website, rebranding. Why so? Very simple, people are more online than offline nowadays. A furnished website always stays at the back of one’s mind and manipulates his activities. A third party for rebranding should be your pick because rebranding requires neutral analysis on the brand’s current scenario and take necessary steps required. To give your website a new look and step-up the game, our team of professionals are well equipped. Do not hesitate to have a talk with us for the website rebranding process to amp up your online presence.

Our Services and Solutions

I-venture is here with different solution packages and customizations for website rebranding and the entire website rebranding process. Notable services included in the website rebranding solution packages are:

  • Website rebranding from scratch
  • New customized logo designing
  • SEO check and keyword research
  • Page rearranging
  • Updating old contents
  • Mobile responsive and Google friendly designs
  • Fresh, organized and modern designs
  • Integration with offline procedures
  • Display of accurate brand message
  • Boosting website to the right customer base
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