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Digital marketing is the most potent buzzword in today’s business world.

Almost every business is ravenous to build the correct online presence that will maximize sales revenue. In many cases, marketer perceives online presence as creating a social media page or doing social media boosting with a video Ad without deriving a workable sales funnel. For this reason, they could not bring the expected result for their brand and lose a huge sales opportunity.

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Thus, it is essential to design and implement a proper digital marketing strategy aligning with the business objective. A proper digital marketing strategy involves:

  • Objective to attain from online presence
  • The Mission statement for each social media
  • Practical and easy to use Web design/landing page design
  • Social channel selection where the desired target audience is available mostly
  • Content calendar preparation
  • Content circulation in the social media channels with a fixed frequency
  • Creative content publication to engage page audience
  • Fixed Buying in high Traffic sites
  • Paid Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Management


Google Management


Web Development

Optimize Online Presence with Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In most cases, people search in Google when they require anything, and the most common practice is to get the necessary result from the first page. If your web page ranks first in Google targeting all related search keywords, it increases sales opportunities.

Blog Marketing

The main focus of Blog Marketing is to represent, publicize, or advertise any website, business, product, or service through blog articles. It encompasses a wide range of themes, including brand awareness, service delivery detail, brand advocacy, etc.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now a day, Social media marketing is a prevalent feature of digital marketing. The process starts from business page setup, audience engagement, content calendar creation, creative content generation, content publication, query management, etc.

Email Marketing

Like other digital marketing building blocks, email marketing plays a vital role in ensuring success in online platforms. It helps to build an enriched customer base just by converting potential prospects through a sustainable relationship.

Google Marketing & CPC Management

Google’s marketing platform amplifies advertising and analytics for smart marketers. It posses a clear indication of the demographics, interest, and behavior of the target audience to cater to the best result through Display Ads, Search Ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate program enhances earning for the affiliate through a commission by selling a product from others. It requires performance-based marketing to get rewards from the businesses on each client, and by doing anyone can become a multi-millionaire.

Content Marketing (Graphics, Motion)

The main focus of Content Marketing is to create and publish related and valuable materials to attract and retain a specific audience group. Publishing of contents requires consistency to transform visitors into prospective customers.

YouTube Channel SEO

YouTube is said to be the second-largest search engine in the world. By ranking YouTube channels, it is very much possible to generate enormous clients. The process requires videos, playlists, tags, descriptions, card optimization, etc.

"IVL and their team did a great job of making our vision for the brand come to life. They took into account our personal preferences and created exactly what we had in mind. The team was very quick to respond and good at communicating. We would definitely recommend CAS to any brand out there"
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