YouTube Ad in Detail

YouTube is everyone’s favorite video streaming platform, and people generally tend to recall YouTube Ads and promotions more than that of other platforms. With videos of almost all lengths and genres, YouTube ranked as the second largest search engine and a massive platform for Advertisement. If you tend to increase brand recall and create the desired positioning in customers’ minds, YouTube Ads is smart for paid advertising services.

YouTube Ad has a few different types based on costing and ad presentation mode. Pre-rolled YouTube Ads are shown before a video starts. This again has two varieties, skippable and non-skippable ads. A skippable ad gives viewers the option to skip an ad after watching 5 seconds of it. On the flip side, non-skippable ads are played without the possibility of skipping. Static ads are the kind that gets space in different places on the YouTube page. YouTube also has paid search ads and a good deal for PPC advertisement.

YouTube Ads require video crafting, graphics, and up to mark audiovisuals to go with the viewers’ taste and increase brand recognition. Managing all these within the budget as well as being ahead in the race with competitors is a tough job. Outsourcing your YouTube Ad managing is almost necessary, especially for start-ups and small businesses. I-venture offers you a warm hand in creating wonders through YouTube Ad marketing.

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Our YouTube Ad Management Services

If you want to steal the thunder in the marketplace through stunning visual marketing and stay in the mind of your customers, YouTube Ads are the perfect fit. After all, YouTube ads are the TV commercials of today. I-venture manages YouTube Ads through a wide range of services which include:

  • YouTube ad strategies, campaign planning and consulting
  • YouTube ad video and graphic content creation
  • Dashboard for tracking, monitoring and maintaining campaigns
  • Target specific users for successful conversion
  • YouTube ad account management
  • Integrating the right combination of YouTube ads
  • 24/7 after service support
  • Expert analysis in every stage of campaign and implementation of outcomes

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