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Business Process Operations (BPO) are dedicated and efficient services of particular office tasks that are usually tedious and requires a skilled workforce. Successful businesses today are inclined towards reducing employee involvement and usage of utilities. With the blessing of technologies, companies can now operate remotely and are interested in outsourcing time consuming non-core tasks from skilled agencies with a relatively lower expenditure. Hence, the desire for BPO services is sky-high and increasing more and more every day.

Why are businesses of different sectors and sizes acquiring BPO services? There are a couple of significant reasons. Outsourcing companies located in other locations can provide a lower cost and help companies reduce their operational cost to a great extent. BPO companies are specialized in the services they offer, so the quality of output increases massively. Your company can focus on the core business and ignore the functions needed to run the business as most of them are covered through the BPO provider.

Expanding in foreign lands becomes easier through BPO services as BPO is outsourcing tasks and an extension of the company as it works in different areas in multiple languages. Additionally, BPO provides flexibility to business operations. Overall, BPO can keep your management free from a lot of headaches and invest that time and resource to achieve the company’s goals.

Procedures of Proficiently Handling BPO

Not all BPO service providers ensure an experienced and skilled workforce to maximize the outcomes. But, BPO is not about the cost savings only. The ultimate goal is to add value to the operational processes of the organization. Some magical yet straightforward steps that ensure high-end services to the company:

  • Detailed research and idea on core operations and success points to determine the tasks that can be outsourced
  • Alignment and compliance with the prime values, rules and goals of the organization
  • The best combination of tools as high-tech as AI and experienced workforce in BPO
  • Time flexibility as per the need of the clients and their operations
  • Proper division of work among the teams based on work type
  • Distinct agreement with the client about everything from both ends
  • Choosing and offering the best and most suitable service for the clients

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Offshore/Onshore BPO

Both offshore and onshore BPOs are becoming popular. Onshore BPO services open the scope for physical services outsourcing within the same country and same cultural boundaries. On the other hand, offshore BPO is heavily based on technologies and offer impressive rates.

Front Office Solution

The front office is the face of an organization, even if it is not the core operation. BPO offers the liberty and flexibility of having all the time consuming and continuous tasks done dexterously with the help of a workforce skilled in professional communication design and development.

Order Taking & Processing

In this era of e-commerce, order taking online or remotely has become normality. But providing customers with the flexibility of ordering anytime they want can bring some added chores to the company. Your company can stay headache free by handing over this important process to BPO.

IT Support

Digitalization has made many of the business operations become IT based. With all the devices, software, applications and websites, efficient IT support and management becomes essential. Along with an IT team or in absence of it, a company can take the help of BPO for professional IT support.

Registration & Reservation

Nowadays, most hotels, event services, course providers, business service providers opt for registration and reservation through online forms and sometimes newsletter and query forms on websites or apps. BPO tasks can make the entire registration and reservation process.

Back Office Solution

Application processing, employee and payment database management, transaction management, billing and collection etc. tasks are not part of the core business, but they impact the overall business process and growth. Outsourcing these tasks can streamline business.

Data Processing

Businesses these days come with a considerable amount of data every single day. But as data analytics progress, insights from data processing can be like a goldmine for a business. Error-free and fast data sorting, filtering, processing and presentation is not a big issue through BPO solutions.

Financial Reporting

Financial records and transaction database are integral part of any business. But often times, financial hassles can hinder the process of core business. So, outsourcing some basic yet significant financial database processing keeps operations flawless and updated.

"When you are working in the creative sector, if your stakeholders feel connected to your work, you will know that it’s a job well done. Every time IVL has successfully delivered to us their work, it has been nothing short of amazing. We love having them as our partner. Their team is flexible and at the same time they are really good at what they do. Kudos to the everyone at IVL!"
Diedrick Van Epen
Director, Skondras

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